Omnivore - Kiri: a 'Korean-Japanese fusion rice bar'

A good choice for those who like Asian food but want it mildly spicy


I finally made it to Kiri (931 Monroe Dr., 404-875-0800), the Korean/Japanese "fusion rice bar" in Midtown Promenade. It occupies the space hidden by Starbucks that was formerly Nam, a gourmet Vietnamese restaurant. The space has been turned into something like an over-lit diner.

I ordered the bulgogi with beef; you can also get chicken and tofu. Unfortunately, the beef tasted absolutely bland until I mixed it with some kimchi and hot sauce. There was rice on the side and a heap of grilled onions to mix with the meat. Weirdly, the restaurant doesn't list kimchi on the menu and there's no hot sauce on the tables.

Wayne ordered some sashimi and bibimbap (pic above). He also chose beef to mix with the rice and vegetables. He added the customary fried egg to top the bowl. Like the bulgogi, the dish was bland without adding considerable Korean hot sauce.

Prices are quite low.

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