Omnivore - Slider Report: Best dish of the week (or two)

The Shed’s Todd Richards plays with black cumin


Okay, it’s not a slider, but I did sample this appetizer that Chef Todd Richards has added to the menu at The Shed at Glenwood. We go there every Wednesday night (as you know) for the $3 sliders.

The app is the best dish I’ve tasted anywhere in the last few weeks. It’s a crispy, lightly fried quail breast over baked beans seasoned with magical black cumin. On the side, a fried quail egg is nestled over a green-tomato relish.

The black cumin, interestingly, was provided by Asha Gomez of Cardamom Hill. The flavor really is magical, providing a strongly aromatic kick that gives way to the other flavors. Don’t fail to order it when you visit The Shed.

My favorite slider this week was the lamb meatloaf with cucumbers, although a fried oyster with okra and tomatoes was a close runner-up.