Omnivore - Mayoral candidate chef Paul Luna: ‘I’ll never stop cooking.’

A visit to three-year-old Lunacy Black Market


My Friday night dining friends have been at it about two years now. We’ve visited so many restaurants, we’re making occasional repeats now. One of our first restaurants to visit was Lunacy Black Market. Unless you’ve been hiding under a food truck the last year, you know that owner-chef Paul Luna is running for mayor in this year’s election. Meanwhile, he’s been fighting City Hall over a number of issues.

But what about the three-year-old restaurant?

Not a whole lot has changed. The restaurant retains its homey feel. We sat on a cluster of upholstered furniture around a coffee table. Luna has taken the unusual step of hiring employees from juvenile detention facilities and women’s shelters. You won’t notice, which should tell us all something.