Omnivore - Gay stuff: Stoli evil? Roxx gets better

A boycott of Russian vodka begins.


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  • Begone, Stoli!

It's a controversial idea, but activists like Dan Savage are urging gay bars and consumers to boycott Russian vodka - in particular the iconic Stolichnaya. The boycott, underway in some bars in West Hollywood and Chicago, is in protest to the draconian anti-gay legislation recently adopted by the Russian Parliament and signed into law by President Vladmir Putin.

The action is controversial because Stoli, while made from Russian ingredients, is distilled in Latvia. Its headquarters are in Belgium. Further, the brand's CEO claims Stoli has been a "fervent" advocate of gay rights. Activists are also calling for corporate sponsors to withdraw their support of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia ...


Meanwhile back in gay Atlanta, there's been a lot of bitching about Roxx Tavern's failure to pass a health-department inspection. Then, the restaurant barely passed a subsequent inspection a week later. ProjectQ Atlanta reports:

Problems with cooling methods and temperatures, plumbing, lighting and a handwashing station were among the factors that led to a failing grade of 66 during a July 9 inspection. A follow-up visit seven days later found some of the same violations, prompting a score of 72. A score below 70 is considered failing.

But the gay-friendly restaurant's owner, Dean Chronopoulos, told Project Q Atlanta on Friday that the violations are being addressed and a yet-to-be scheduled re-inspection will prove it.

"We take full responsibility for it and we've taken corrective actions to fix all of that plus more, actually," Chronopoulos said. "We are shortly going to ask for a re-inspection. We are not going to keep those scores."

Y'all calm down. This is not unusual at some of the city's most notable restaurants.

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