Review: Pacci (1)

The Palomar restaurant's reimagined image is a welcome sign of the times

When Pacci opened, it was easy to ignore. Early 2009 was a strange time for restaurants in Atlanta. While the economy slid further into recession, hotel restaurants opened with overly confident gusto. It was as if the brains behind these multimillion-dollar developments had decided to ignore the realities of the economy. They foolhardily believed wealthy people would never stop wanting stupidly expensive restaurants where they could throw away fistfuls of unneeded cash.


There was a glut of overpriced hotel restaurants; so many that I began to feel writing about them was futile. I doubted all of them would survive. I also doubted many of my readers would actually end up frequenting such places. When the notoriously expensive Pacci opened in the Palomar Hotel, it didn't make it onto my list of restaurants worth checking out.

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(Photo by James Camp)