Review: Eleven in the Loews Atlanta Hotel (1)

Southern fusion on the skids

It’s outrageous, impressive even, the temerity, the absolute balls-out hubris of opening an upscale hotel and hotel restaurant in Atlanta right now. With other high-end hotels falling to foreclosure and hotel restaurants changing concept mid-stream to combat the lack of demand, it’s a special brand of audacity that comes with saying, “A new expensive hotel! That’s what Atlanta needs!”

That’s kind of what Loews CEO Jonathan Tisch said in the recent Atlanta Business Chronicle story “Loews Hotels optimistic about Atlanta outlook.” Or, in CEO speak, he said that Atlanta is “a market that had demand generators built in that would continue to grow and thrive.” Let’s hope those “demand generators” have enough, uh, demand to make the $1.2 billion project worthwhile. I say that with all sincerity — not for Loews, but for the 221 Atlantans the hotel now employs.

In the midst of all this, literally, is Eleven, the restaurant located off the hotel’s lobby and swanky bar. You wouldn’t know it existed from the website – the hotel’s page mentions nothing about a restaurant. But restaurant there is, and oh what a hotely restaurant it is.

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(Photo by James Camp)