Home Style Issue - Joy Phrasavath, Virginia-Highland

This apartment's sunny disposition comes through bright walls and mod furnishings

More photos of Joy's living room and kitchen

Age: 35
?Job: Media consultant for BigChampagne, creative thinker
Rent or own? Renting since 2003
?Price: Less than $1,000

How many creatures live here?
?One Boston Terrier, Alphonzo, and two Cockatiel birds named Serge and Jane.

Where did you find the pieces for this room?
?I used to deal at Highland Row Antiques and found a lot of pieces there. I go to yard sales, thrift stores. The best is driving down the street and seeing things on the side of the road. I'm always surprised by what people consider useless.

What's your favorite design element in this room?
?Lighting is so important — to keep your eyes moving. I turned hanging lights found at thrift stores into table lights. Each room started off as a decade, then a season. The living room was winter and the kitchen was summer.

What's your decorating philosophy?
?First, people start acquiring things as hand me downs or because they like the color, but then you start to realize that your setup influences your mental clarity and the flow of thoughts. It's like feng shui. Have fun with it, don't be scared of what others might consider tacky. But also remember things are transitional, they can come and go. Otherwise you can become a hoarder.

If your room had a theme song, what would it be?
?The Ventures, "Telstar"

What's your favorite thing about Atlanta?
?It's a big city but you can choose the pace you like and fit in in any sense. There's nice people and support, and room for growth.

?Antiquing is about the thrill of the hunt. Put out what you'd like to find, what your budget is, and you'll be surprised what comes your way. Put love back into things regarded as "old or outdated." An homage to an era/times when things were made with integrity, quality and timeless aesthetic. There is no more production of these vintage things, so feel lucky to be able to have it.

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