CityGuide - Atlanta according to DJ Princess Cut

The sound provider also known as Sweetbox Jones tells us where to chill, what to avoid, and how to find the freaks

Tuesday March 17, 2015 04:00 am EDT

Not many DJs can include Oprah as a reference. Then again, not many DJs have Princess Cut's résumé. After serving as official DJ for Oprah's The Life You Want tour in 2014, the Atlanta native can scratch turning up with America's motivation queen off her bucket list. When she isn't juggling her monthly dance party Hood House at El Bar every second Wednesday or regular mix shows on Hot 107.9 (WHTA-FM) and Sirius XM's HoodRich Radio, she's likely to be found somewhere in the cut (or being a homebody in College Park). We caught up with the princess of classic Southern rap for her around-town rundown.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Silver Comet Trail is my favorite spot in the city to think deep thoughts by myself.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Edgewood is my favorite place to go chill in Atlanta. <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">I like to walk up and down the street and go in several spots, like the back deck of the Corner Tavern, Department Store, Noni's, and Sound Table. It's a cool, progressive vibe.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Gold Room on a Saturday night is the best place to DJ in Atlanta.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">The High Museum is the best place to see art in Atlanta. <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Two of my favorite exhibits were Andy Warhol and KAWS.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">The Bluff is the place I would advise someone to never go in Atlanta.

The best advice you could give for Atlanta visitor is <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">watch out for one-way streets!

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Stone Mountain is my favorite view in Atlanta.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">W Hotel Downtown is my favorite place to go when it is really fucking hot. <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">It has a nice pool with a city view and cocktails, and I also like the pool at the Westin on Peachtree. But a great place for kids would be Centennial Park with the pop-up water fountains.

The first five words that come to mind when I think of Atlanta are <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">hot, southern hospitality, and Black Hollywood.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">TomorrowWorld is my favorite Atlanta annual event. <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Besides the festival energy, it attracts people from around the world and I didn't meet anyone from Georgia there.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">The Highlands and Inman Park are my favorite neighborhoods. <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">I love the look of the houses and condos. It's quaint and peaceful.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Fulton Industrial is the best place to freak <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">because year after year it's consistently been a go-to for les freaks — the streets or the clubs.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Mary Mac's Tea Room is my favorite place to go for munchies.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Andre 3000 is my favorite living Atlantan.

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Our weather is the weirdest thing about Atlanta. <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">It could be snowing today and tomorrow time for tank tops and shorts!

<font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Traffic is my biggest pet peeve about Atlanta.

Atlanta's motto should be <font ?style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefdd2">Atlanta, where you come to play — but be prepared to stay!

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