The Blotter: Lovers' misdemeanor

Plus, an allegedly boozy bartender charged with a DUI

Blotter Tray3Tray Butler/CL fileDuring a routine patrol in Adams Park, an Atlanta cop found two lovebirds canoodling in a parked vehicle.

The park was closed at the time, and the officer shined the light of his patrol car into the couple's vehicle, illuminating their backseat fornication. After clothing themselves, the twosome explained to the officer that they were unaware the park was closed and that they didn't have many options for bang locations the park was the best choice.

They were both let off the hook, dodging public indecency charges, but they were issued a copy of charges for use of city park during prohibited hours.

High on his own supply

An allegedly boozed-up bartender fell victim to his own devices after failing a field sobriety test.

Atlanta cops in Buckhead were alerted to a suspected impaired driver.

When the officer arrived at the scene, he immediately noticed the suspect's bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and the strong stench of booze.

Asked if he was driving the vehicle, he said "he was a passenger," according to the police report. Although, immediately after he proclaimed his innocence, he fessed up, saying he's a bartender headed home from work.

The officer conducted the roadside sobriety tests and detected a "lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes." Soon after beginning the walk-and-turn test, the suspect lost his balance and began hopping around.

Although his field test failure could have been chalked up to clumsy behavior, a breathalyzer proved otherwise he blew a .28. He was cuffed and transported to city jail, where he was charged with a D.U.I. and reckless driving.

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