CBS report takes low blows at mayoral contenders

Shouldn’t the article have been filed as an opinion piece?

CBS Atlanta just published a ridiculous account of the mayoral race: “The Real Mayoral Candidates of Atlanta”

Penned by Attorney Robert Patillo, a local activist and TV and radio personality, the essay equates the crowded contest to a reality show. That’s actually pretty accurate, but the lackadaisical overview of the outlandishly complex competition lends little perspective to the politics behind each contender.

Here are just a few snippets that had us scratching our heads:

>>Patillo dubbed Council President Ceasar Mitchell “the rightful heir to the throne of Atlanta,” but denigrated him as a candidate with no shot at the title.

>>He said Councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms has a “stellar record in the community.” We didn’t have to read this far to know this story would best be tagged as an opinion column.

>>The author nods to Peter Aman, calling him “The Great White Hope” we’re not even going to try to decipher that one.

>>He spelled Councilman Kwanza Hall’s name wrong multiple times: “Kwanzaa”

>>RE: Cathy Woolard: “Many voters either have no idea who she is or only know her as the ‘Gay lady running.’”

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