First Slice 9-28-17: Out on Film kicks off

Plus: RIP Hef

Community cinema: The 30th annual Out on Film festival kicks off today.

It was only a matter of time: Six Georgia professors have filed a lawsuit against the campus carry law, saying the University System of Georgia should be dictating educational policies, not the state government.

Taking it offline: GOP state Rep. Jason Spencer and LaDawn Jones, a former state representative, are working together on legislation that would give cities the power to remove Confederate monuments and convert Stone Mountain into a Civil War memorial. The two got into a heated Facebook spat last month that garnered national headlines.

Pour one out for Hef: Playboy founder and civil rights advocate Hugh Hefner died last night.

Not sure we want him back though: When the president was asked yesterday if he'd consider firing Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price for his jet-setting, taxpayer-funded expenditures, Trump responded, "We'll see."