Science meets art with new Swan Coach House Gallery exhibit

Two local emerging artists showcase bold, biology-themed works in <i>Systems</i>

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On August 11, Swan Coach House Gallery will host an opening reception in partnership with the Forward Arts Foundation for its latest exhibition, Systems, curated by Marianne Lambert. The show will feature works from local artists Amie Laurel Esslinger and Lauren Michelle Peterson that highlight science-meets-art themes such as biology, organic cells, and microscopic life systems.

“From a personal standpoint I find the work visually exciting,” Lambert says. “Amy Esslinger and Lauren Peterson are two young artists emerging on to the Atlanta art scene whose work has attracted me since I first saw it. The way they express themselves is very different, however. The thing that unites them is the concept of systems.”

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Esslinger’s pieces, with layered stacks of cut and painted paper shapes, form multi-dimensional figures based on cell structures. The intricacy of her work paired with the bold colors she uses draw the eye around for an effect that takes more than a few moments to fully absorb. Conversely, Peterson’s abstract-like sculptures and installations (she’s also been known to do in-person performance art) play with texture, color, and shape by repurposing materials and found objects for a result that’s as striking as it is open to viewer interpretation.

“Esslinger approaches her art more aesthetically,” Lambert adds, “whereas Peterson’s work is more conceptually based.” Through the side-by-side juxtaposition of their works, viewers experience a show that captures the big picture while also shining a light on the details that bring it to life.

https://www.facebook.com/events/1168362606569061/Systems opening reception. 6-9 p.m. Thurs., Aug. 11; Artist talk. 3 p.m. Sat., Sept. 10. Swan Coach House Gallery, 3130 Slaton Dr. N.W. 404-266-2636. swancoachhouse.com.