A show for Everemen

Notch8 Gallery presents a new group show inspired by a Free Art Movement pioneer.

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Everemen, elusive artist and proponent of the global Free Art Movement, curated a new group show hinged on palpable synergy of collaboration and interpretation. Sure, the latter part deals directly with interpreting the iconic Evereman image (shown above in “Barista & Everemen”), keep an eye open and surprise yourself how often the simple black-and-white face pops up around the city). He enlisted help from other creators including R. Land, Gregor Turk, Joe King ATL, Cateye, Charlie Smith, and more to showcase works cast on mediums like tin, ceramics, canvas, and paper. “We are over the moon about this one,” Notch8 co-conspirator Sharon Dennehy told CL over email. “Rumor has it Charlie Smith will be creating a 10-foot high Evereman piece.” DJ Dookie Platters will be providing a soundtrack of sorts opening night.

Free. 7 p.m. Fri., Sept. 16. Notch8 Gallery, 1397 Blashfield St. S.E. 404-913-3411. notch8gallery.com.