First Slice 9-28-16: Executive director of Trump’s Georgia campaign is out

DeKalb County cracks down on absentee landlords, online polls are junk, and more

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>>Brandon Phillips, executive director of Trump’s Georgia campaign, has resigned. Georgia Campaign Senior Advisor Billy Kirkland will be in charge of the campaign’s work here. According to reports by Channel 2 Action News, in 2008 “Phillips pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing” and battery charges, and then was again “arrested in Atlanta later that year over an altercation with a neighbor at his townhome complex that involved a gun.” The election is only 6 weeks away and Georgia is being eyed as a potential battleground for the two presidential candidates.

>>A warrant has been issued for the owner of the blighted DeKalb County apartment complex Creekside Forest. Chester Meisel didn’t show up to court to answer for the more than 300 code violations at his property. “The Ember Drive complex in recent weeks has become emblematic of the struggles of south DeKalb, where some absentee landlords have allowed apartments to become overrun by violence, drug activity and vandals. At Creekside Forest, residents said they feared for their children’s safety as squatters and crime took hold and health hazards spread throughout the grounds with garbage.”

>>Those online polls you’re reading are a bunch of junk.

>>Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres has died at age 93 after experiencing a stroke two weeks ago. He helped forge “a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians... and served as a constant force for generations in Israeli politics.”

>>ICYMI: Beltline visionary Ryan Gravel and Nathaniel Smith, executive director of the Partnership for Southern Equity, have resigned from the Beltline’s fundraising arm over concerns about affordability

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