Brandon Sadler conquers demons for latest solo show

The local artist's new series, 'TORN,' tackles depression, substance abuse, and spiritual duality.

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On November 11, local artist Brandon Sadler’s new solo show, TORN (Sketches of War and Triumph), will open at Notch8 Gallery. Though he’s likely most well-known in the arts community for his signature public murals, Sadler is a self-professed multi-disciplinary artist, calligrapher, film director, and writer.

“The inspiration for this work came from, in short, a place of transition,” Sadler says. “On a personal level, I needed to work through some internal battles, and I ended telling a story of that process through the art.” He plans to feature more than 40 works in the show, touching on themes that include depression, substance abuse, spiritual duality, and more. “I created this show with the intention of processing a difficult situation, but as these topics are highly relatable in some way or another,” he says. Sadler’s main materials for this show were ink, charcoal, and acrylic paint. He also included pieces from fallen trees for an installation and stuck to a more-or-less black and white color palette.

“Perhaps this work will open other people to their own healing,” he says. “If nothing else, the public will have a better understanding of my story, and how the Rising Red Lotus emerged from the swamp.” The show’s description explains that the series aims to explore the process of overcoming conflict of the spirit and facing inner demons to achieve peace and a higher state of being.

“I feel that my artistry is in tandem with my growth as a man,” the artist adds. “That said, I have been able to create great work over the years that impacts a wide community of people and I will continue to do that. I would like to work and show in other cities and countries, and continue to use my hands to promote healing and connection.”

TORN (Sketches of War and Triumph). Free. 7-11 p.m. Fri., Nov. 11. Notch8 Gallery, 1397 Blashfield St. S.E. 404-913-3411. notch8gallery.com.