Yoyo Ferro’s Atlanta

The first 3 words that come to mind when I think of Atlanta are love, peachtree, traffic

Illustration by Famed Atlanta Illustrator Yoyo Ferro
Photo credit: Yoyo Ferro
Atlanta Vintage 2016

Yoyo Ferro

Brazilian-born artist Yoyo Ferro came to Atlanta in 2010 “because of that ‘American Dream,’ y’all.” His illustrations are like eye candy — line drawings teeming with saturated colors and a playful sense of humor. Atlanta often informs his artwork, which is why we asked Ferro to create the custom map for Creative Loafing’s Atlanta City Guide. Ferro’s map “shows how jam-packed and busy the city is — and not only with our notorious traffic. It’s bright, bustling, wild, and a little tricky to define, just like Atlanta.” You can find Ferro on Instagram frequently snapping pictures with #weloveatl and at local neighborhood festivals selling his work. Here he offers some insight into the city that so often inspires him.

The City Guide

The South may move at a slower pace than the rest of the country, but Atlanta is a city in constant motion. There’s a reason folks are choosing Atlanta over some of our bigger, more established municipal counterparts that goes beyond jobs at Fortune 500 companies (Home Depot, Coca-Cola), a low cost of living, and generally be-yooo-tiful weather: the people.

Spend a day here (although we’d love you to stay a week, month, or a few years), and you’ll understand that Atlanta is one giant small town full of people who like to get out and hang out and have a good time.


SUMMER: Hot and rainy

FALL: Perfection

WINTER: Cold and rainy

SPRING: Perfection for two weeks then warm and soggy