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Moloq is reborn

Jake Aron and Paul Stevens combine forces as a bombastic twosome

Photo credit: Larry Coleman

Self-described as a "Post-Apocalyptic Pop” duo, Moloq originally formed in New York City as the songwriting vehicle for guitarist and keyboardist Jake Aron. But after moving to Georgia and joining with fellow songwriter, keyboardist, and drummer Paul Stevens, the group re-emerged as an even more bombastic twosome.

The band’s performances build upon Aron and Stevens’ chemistry, as both sing while performing multiple instruments. Loaded with a small arsenal of synthesizers, vocoders, and effects pedals, the pair makes the work of a multitude of musicians seem easy. 

Using the mantra of “minimal input, maximum output,” Aron and Stevens utilize the extra sonic space to create careening shifts in tempos, moods, and genres. “We play as a duo because the minimalism opens up new territory,” says Stevens. “With only two people playing you can change the songs in a more rapid way, and freak out with greater abandon.”

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