Erin Rae plays Eddie's Attic Aug. 1

The pop songstress is on the road supporting her latest album, 'Putting On Airs'

Erin Rae Marcus Maddox
Photo credit: Marcus Maddox
Erin Rae

When Erin Rae starts singing, little constellations of warmth spread across your skin, wrapping you up in a humble yet comforting embrace. The singer-songwriter’s simple saloon folk sound is at once approachable and whimsical, backed by stand up bass and dreamily sliding acoustic guitar parts. Rae’s recent release, Putting on Airs (Single Lock Records), was recorded in a mix of chapels, cabins, and other evocative spaces, and her live show promises to be dripping with ease and sentimentality.

With Samuel Gregg. $10-$14. 8:45 p.m. Eddie’s Attic, 515 N McDonough St. (404) 377-4976. www.eddiesattic.com.

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