Fox Theatre awakens the undead

Kick off ATL’s  9th annual Zombie Pub Crawl with a not-quite-50th-anniversary screening of “The Night of the Living Dead”

Photo credit: “The Night of the Living Dead” (1968)
CHOCOLATE, NOT CANNIBALISM: Bosco chocolate syrup was used for blood due to a limited budget.

Nearly 50 years after its original release, Fox Theatre is airing George A. Romero’s The Night of The Living Dead. What better way to kick off Atlanta’s 9th annual Zombie Pub Crawl (the following day) than with one of the most OG zombie movies ever? Zombie makeovers will be available before the show for just $5-$10 cash and a zombie costume contest will also be in full effect, so wear your most bloody and shredded clothing. Or just show up looking really tired in all white — zombie schbombie. Despite heavy criticism upon its release (for all the chocolatey gore), the cult classic is widely considered one of the most influential zombie films of all time. Normally $12, tickets can be purchased for $8 using the “ZOMBIE” promo code here. Be sure and use Sunday to resurrect yourself in time for work Monday.

$8-$12. Fri., July 27. 10-11:45 p.m. Fox Theatre. 660 Peachtree St. www.foxtheatre.org/events/detail/night-of-the-living-dead. 404-881-2100.

Living Walls

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