2018 Short Shorts Festival returns

Inspired by ‘Highlights’ magazine, this year’s festival theme looks beyond the flimflam of current politics

Rid Em Toys By Joe Peragine
Photo credit: Joe Peragine
GRAFFITI GOALS: ‘Ride ‘Em Toys’ will be one of several shorts featured at the festival.

The 2018 Short Shorts Film Festival is back for its sixth year at Whitespace Gallery, presenting 13 short films. As the brainchild of guest curator Didi Dunphy, this year’s festival theme titled “Hidden in Plain Sight” allows independent filmmakers to explore motives of the Trump Administration that may be overlooked, but right under our noses. Dunphy’s prompt is inspired by Highlights magazine. We all remember Highlights — finding specific, important items on a page filled with a hodgepodge of bullshit. To Dunphy, developing the trolling skills necessary for the Highlights scavenger hunts is exactly the notions president Trump presents in his leadership. The evening will begin with an introduction by the curator and each film will last 1-5 minutes, with a Q&A session to follow. All else aside, come see an artistic take of what some filmmakers think is the smoke and mirrors of current political discourse.

Free. 8-10 p.m.  Fri., Aug. 17. Whitespace Gallery, 814 Edgewood Ave. N.E. 404-688-1892. filmfreeway.com/ShortShorts2018.

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:: CABBAGETOWN: Wylie near Carroll St. (Artist: Sever)
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