Ween makes a two-night stand at the Tabernacle

Deaner and Gener return Oct. 19-20

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Photo credit: Courtesy High Road Touring

Although mainstream success has eluded them, Ween has amassed a cult-like following through the band’s eclectic catalogue, a tangled mass of comedy, pastiche, and mythos. From the band’s long-standing single “Push th’ Little Daisies” to the often memed “Ocean Man,” taken from The Mollusk, every song that Ween constructs captures a different genre and evokes a different emotion while maintaining the satirical creativity that has become their signature. Following a four-year hiatus, Ween has reformed and is back on the road, making a two-night stand in Atlanta.

$45-$90 (Fri., Oct. 19). $62-$242 (Sat., Oct. 20). 8 p.m. The Tabernacle. 152 Luckie St. 404-659-9022. www.tabernacleatl.com.