Safari Williams

Safari Williams
Photo credit: Rafiki Flicks
Jazz fiction

Jungle jazz group Safari Williams invites listeners on an auditory trek through the Savannah celebrating the group’s self-titled debut via the Glow Recording Studio. The jazz fiction trio relies on wild, untamed energy to tell the story of searching for a missing guide, the titular Safari Williams, and the animals they encounter along the way. One such encounter plays out in Jaguar, a funkified track littered with spontaneous tempo changes that give each band member a chance at taking lead. Clark Hamilton’s lush guitar riffs trade off the melody with Daniel Hyman’s crisp, tangible baselines, both kept in place and accentuated by Anthony Doud’s fluid pace. Jaguar highlights the band’s proficiency without neglecting its bizarre sense of creativity. Safari Williams is out digitally November 7, but limited-edition cassettes will be available at the show.

With Art Contest, Upchuck, King Nappa. 9 p.m. Wed., Nov. 7. 529,529 Flat Shoals Ave. S.E.. 404-228-6769.


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