Lonnie Holley and Mary Lattimore play the Bakery

Two outlier artists explore the far reaches of ghostly music Dec. 17

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Photo credit: Jackie Lee Young
HARP IN THE SOUTH: Mary Lattimore (pictured above) joins Lonnie Holley for an evening of ethereal and pastoral music.

Transcendence and discord find their crossroads within the music of Lonnie Holley and Mary Lattimore. Holley has held a long, fruitful career in visual art and music by finding meaning in time-worn and discarded found objects. MITH, his latest album, is a meditation on the current state of American social and political affairs expressed through dark hues of noise and poignant stream-of-consciousness folk musings. Lattimore is an acclaimed harpist out of Los Angeles who has worked with everyone from Thurston Moore to Jarvis Cocker. Conjuring both the ethereal and the pastoral, Lattimore’s virtuosity pushes the musical envelope with humbling precision.

$12. 8 p.m. Mon., Dec. 17. The Bakery, 825 Warner St. S.W. www.thebakeryatlanta.com.


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