Live From The Archives-Andrea & Mud


A & M Black And White Side Of Van Again
Photo credit: Courtesy of Andrea & Mud

Live from the Archives remastered audio:

Live from the Archives video performance:

If Bonny and Clyde had started their own honky tonk band, they’d sound a little something like Andrea and Mud. This new-age surf western duo with Georgia roots gives traditional country tunes an inventive psychobilly flare. They bridge the space between folk music of years past and contemporary issues, juggling southern character archetypes with new spheres of music. Andrea and Mud’s most recent EP, Easy, Sleazy and Greazy, is their most ambitious dive yet into a world of small-town nostalgia, classic country tropes, and surprising genre infusions, cementing them as the self-proclaimed “king and queen of the hillbilly underground.” - Holyn Thigpen

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