Live From the Archives-Peeko


Photo credit: Courtesy of Peeko

Live from the Archives remastered audio:

Live from the Archives video performance:

Peeko’s music employs a dishevelled aesthetic to harken back to youthful summer days of scraped knees and games of hide-and-seek in your neighbor’s backyard. The band’s debut album, I’m Always Moving Tiny Things, juxtaposes their dewy-eyed innocence with an occasional punk rock breakdown, best illustrated on songs “Red Whine” and “Pinetrees.”

It’s songs like the youthful ode to childlike virtue, “Fish Fry” that stand out, complete with a folksy guitar riff and lyrics ruminating on a time of adolescence and half-forgotten memories. “These are some of the happiest days I’ve ever ignored,” lead singer Riley McBride croons as she reminisces on days long lapsed. - Lily Merriman

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