Live From The Archives-Atria


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Photo credit: Courtesy of Atria

Live from the Archives remastered audio:

Live from the Archives video performance:

Formed in 2012 by SaVana Cameron, Atria has evolved into a four-person testground with members Steven Ledbetter, Denny Hanson, and Zach Farr. Though Atria is rooted in indie rock, it challenges genre conventions with infusions of experimental noise making and psychedelic rock. Be ready to get thrown outside your comfort zone. Atria’s debut EP, Familiars, takes an immersive look at existential themes and rebellious tendencies, channeling youthful angst through a more mature and nuanced lens. The song “Spindle,” offers a disarmingly raw look at what it means to fit the expectations of others, musing that “There’s a fine line between merit and madness.” Atria asks us to look at ourselves honestly and accept our flaws without judgement, a welcome invitation for a cynical world. - Holyn Thigpen

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