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In 2006, drummer-turned-songwriter Kim Ware purchased a beat-up guitar at an Atlanta antique shop, and soon after, the Good Graces was born. Pouring out melodic tales of heartache and hope, Ware and the Good Graces have toured all across the country with their feisty rock beats and soulful southern influences.

Blending intense folk undertones and jangly, upbeat bops, the Good Graces captures the best of ‘90s-style indie-folk with an unrelenting honesty. With the group’s latest album, Prose and Consciousness, Kim Ware has eloquently pinned down the complexity of loss, individuality, and life’s uncertainties. Prose and Consciousness also features a renewed focus on lyrics over atmosphere, showcasing Ware’s open, unapologetic take on songwriting. - Holyn Thigpen

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