Homelessness in Atlanta

A guide to those who help those in need

Photo credit: Joeff Davis/CL File
IN THE HEART OF THE CITY: Homeless across the street from Atlanta's City Hall and one block from the Governor's Office, 2012.

Creative Loafing believes homelessness to be a serious problem in Atlanta. It is a cruel and heartless fate that can befall anyone. Thankfully, many of our readers feel the same way. Media reports claim the percentage of homeless people in Atlanta is in decline. Yet it’s not easy to believe that is true, especially when driving through this city and seeing those living in encampments in the trees, near an expressway on- or off-ramp, or underneath a bridge overpass. Nor is homelessness limited to one neighborhood. It extends throughout Atlanta and the state.

This segment of Atlanta’s population needs help. There are many organizations seeking to help the less fortunate members of this city. There are many ways you, our readers, can help, too.

Organizations and Shelters:

Atlanta Union Mission:
Atlanta Union Mission

Atlanta Union Mission, The Shepherd’s Inn, Homeless Shelter for Men website

Atlanta Union Mission Fuqua Hall (located inside The Shepherd’s Inn)
144 Mills Street Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 350-1300

Atlanta Union Mission Day Shelter for Women

Atlanta Union Mission: My Sister’s House

The Mad Housers

Atlanta Shelters for Couples and Families:

Zaban Paradies Center:

Nicholas House:

Other Organizations:

Atlanta Center for Self-Sufficiency

Atlanta Children’s Shelter

City of Refuge

Gateway Center

Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness

Our House

SafeHouse Outreach

StandUp for Kids

News reports on homelessness in Atlanta:

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