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Atlanta’s surviving hip-hop haunts

Explore these rap-related cultural landmarks in Atlanta

Patchwerk Magnum
Photo credit: Courtesy Patchwerk Studios

Welcome to Atlanta, where terrestrial radio is currently ruled by not one, not two, but three old-school hip-hop stations. Now that the Southern rap capital is sporting varicose veins, it’s high time we map out some of the legendary rap-related cultural haunts still standing in this town. Of course, a list like this feels incomplete without mourning such dearly defunct hot spots as the West End’s Club 559 or the original Shyran’s Showcase, Midtown’s Earwax Records or Little Five Points’ Satellite Records, Jellybeans Skating Rink in Ben Hill or Frozen Paradise in College Park. Far from an exhaustive list, consider this a starter kit of hip-hop stops that once nurtured or continue to preserve the culture.

If the neon cascade sign looks familiar, that’s because Cascade Family Skating served as a primary shoot location for the 2006 movie ATL, starring a roller-skating T.I. The southwest Atlanta rink follows in the tradition of southwest Atlanta’s now-defunct Jellybeans, where the talented teens who con... | more...

The ATL’s strip club of choice for ballers, players, and visiting rap stars. Come dressed on the nicer side of casual if you want to get in. | more...

With over 21 years worth of gold & platinum records under its belt, Patchwerk Recording Studios is Atlanta’s premier recording facility. Positioned among the major three record labels Universal, Sony, and Warner, we have built our brand on quality, customer service, professionalism, and innovation. ... | more...

From the outside, the industrial complex and former home of Bobby Brown’s Bosstown Recording Studios on Antone Street doesn’t look like much. But this particular street was once known as “studio row.” OutKast recorded its best work here with Mr. DJ, who still works out of the space with other hip-ho... | more...

Known for being the preferred digs for artists ranging from Elton John to Andre 3000, Tree Sound is more than a recording studio. General manager Mali Hunter, owners Paul and Sunshine Diaz, and producer James “Groove” Chambers have worked together over the last decade to become the metro Atlanta stu... | more...

No sneaker store in town can compete with the 63-year legacy of Walter’s Clothing. Being the old man on the block hasn’t kept Walter’s from staying hip. Try squeezing in on a Saturday and you’ll see why. Walls of Adidas, Nike, Fila, Reebok, and Converse have kept customers fresh-to-death for decades... | more...


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