Lust List 2020 - Brande Elise

Brande Elise
Photo credit: Mark Morin
Brande Elise

This jaw-droppingly gorgeous human must hail from heaven, because she’s too fwine for this earth. An LGBTQ+ guiding light recognized immediately at any party. Stiff competition, as her partner is equally as marvelous.



1. Age?
2. Astrological sign?
3. Neighborhood?
4. Instagram handle?
5. Occupation?
6. Sexual orientation ?
7. What do you sleep in?
8. What three things would you take to a desert island?
9. Where would you take a first date?
10. One thing you’ve always wanted to do, but prob won’t?
11. What tattoo would you put on someone else? And who?
12. What’s the secret TV show you watch but don’t tell anyone about?
13. Beauty tip?
14. Do you pee with the door open?
15. Celeb crush?
16. Shower or bath? Morning or before going to bed?
17. How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?
18. Deodorant or BO?
19. Fav thing about yourself?
20. The biggest misconception about you?
21. Do you French your dog?
22. In one word, what do you want people to know about you?
23. Astrology or religion?
24. Your favorite form of communication?
25. Sex, booze, drugs: Name in order of importance.

1. 35.

2. Leo.

3. Downtown.

4. Brande.Elise. 

5. Voiceover artist/brand ambassador.

6. Gay, in a relationship.

7.  I usually sleep in a two-piece sorta situation, with lounge pants and a long sleeve. My favorite is from Natori sleepwear. Super comfy and breathable.

9.  I would probably take a first date to one of my favorite Atlanta nature preserves or parks. I really enjoy getting to know people in person without phones and social media.

10.  Mmmm … skydive.

11.  Why would I do that? lol.

12.  “Billy on the Street” on Netflix.

13.  Drink tons of water!! Hydration is everything. It’s great for the skin’s elasticity, especially when paired with the wet sauna. So what you wanna do is go into the wet sauna until you can’t take it anymore (lol), and when you come out submerge yourself in cold water. This literally tricks the body into thinking it is cold, as if it’s a RESET. Now repeat the process for as long as you can take it. I do this for about an hour. No lie. … My skin looks airbrushed when I finish.

14.  YA! Is there any other way?

15.  J. Lo.

16.  Shower. I should take more baths though. I absolutely can not get into a bed with clean sheets unclean. No way.

17.  lol … with no hair … I still take about an hour.

18.  Deodorant. Thinksport all natural is my fav!

19.  The ability to connect with strangers, and all walks of life. I love diversity. I make it a point to talk to people I do not know. Why else are we put on this earth if not to learn from one another? I am all about the human connection.

20.  That I party all the time … sooo I don’t. I was a bartender and cocktail waitress for years at your favorite Atlanta clubs. Working in that world has really turned me off from going out to clubs. This is one of the top reasons for starting our social club, The 4211 Experience. For the right experience I will absolutely reserve my energy and support.

21.  Yes. I never thought I would end up being this person. Moderation of course. Nothing too crazy. A couple continuous kisses here and there. No complete open-mouth action, lol.

22.  Disrupter.

23.  Astrology/Mother Nature.

24.  Animoji or gifs, hands down.