Lust List 2020 - Derek Jae

Derek J
Photo credit: Mark Morin
Derek Jae

Seeking an adventurous partner who loves travel, wine, and watching anime, Derek’s saving something extra special for the lucky one who fills this slot — Australia, Africa or a sexy beach are on his list of places to jet off to. Lover of beauty, open to learning and experiencing new things, with a strong work ethic and flawless style, Derek is originally from Toledo, Ohio, but has been in Atlanta for 20 years: “I’m a peach now!”


2.Astrological sign?
4.Instagram handle?
6.Sexual orientation ?
7.What do you sleep in?
8.What three things would you take to a desert island?
9.Where would you take a first date?
10.One thing you’ve always wanted to do, but prob won’t?
11.What tattoo would you put on someone else? And who?
12.What’s the secret TV show you watch but don’t tell anyone about?
13.Beauty tip?
14.Do you pee with the door open?
15.Celeb crush?
16.Shower or bath? Morning or before going to bed?
17.How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?
18.Deodorant or BO?
19.Fav thing about yourself?
20.The biggest misconception about you?
21.Do you French your dog?
22.In one word, what do you want people to know about you?
23.Astrology or religion?
24.Your favorite form of communication?
25.Sex, booze, drugs: Name in order of importance.

1. 30-something.

2. Scorpio.

3. Downtown.

4. @derekjhair. I’m a people person versus social.

5. Hair care professional and TV host.

6. Open to dating men and trans men.

7.  I like and have all types of fabulous robes, but on a hot summer night, I’ll sleep naked.

12.  Love anime and The Cartoon Network.

23.  Both astrology and religion. I’m spiritual. Organized religion is a bit much, but I know there’s someone guiding me.

25.  Loves wine, wants to study wine. Never tried sex. In my 20s, I focused on work. I never saw the purpose of having meaningless sex in my 20s; then in my 30s, I thought I was too old to be a ho. This is my year to focus on love, for the first time in my adult life, and my work ethic is carrying into my love life. (Derek brought his dating coach, Staci, with him to his Lust List interview.)