COVID-19 Update Coro Vocati

COVID-19 Update from Coro Vocati’s Artistic Director John Dickson.

Coro Vocati

John Dickson

Artistic Director

Coro Vocati was lucky, in one sense. The choral ensemble concluded its 2019-2020 concert series before the coronavirus pandemic shut down the Atlanta arts community in March. While there were no concerts on tap, the choir was forced to postpone its annual fundraiser, the Coro Vocati Soiree & Wine Auction, which was scheduled for April 3.

“Although we do not anticipate performing in person during the coming months, we hope to engage audiences this fall via an online event, which will feature recordings from Coro Vocati’s past performances, as well as narration detailing what makes these pieces so special,” says artistic director John Dickson.

“COVID-19 has highlighted the need for arts organizations to think of new ways to engage audiences,” Dickson continued. “Moving forward, our planning discussions will focus more on how to present performances to online audiences, which will enable us to expand our base and provide people with an opportunity to attend in person due to illness, infirmity, or for any other reason.”