East Atlanta Strut in Place 2020

East Atlanta's premier fall festival.

Photo credit: Courtesy of East Atlanta Strut


About East Atlanta Strut in Place

East Atlanta’s art, culture and quirkiness in a safer way this year. There are two ways to play: (1) socially distanced at a Village business or; (2) in your own front yard, where you make the Strut, and the Strut comes to you - Think Small Business Saturday meets Porchfest, with a twist.

Get all the details at East Atlanta Strut, but here’s the short version:

  • Instead of closing roads and inviting 10,000 people to our little neighborhood, the Strut will facilitate activities throughout the business and residential districts.
  • Want to play music, sell your art or show off some other talents? The Strut will help pair you with a business or residence where you can Strut your stuff.
  • Want to host a band, an artist or a leaf blower contest? The Strut will match you up.
  • Want to hang out in your yard on a lovely afternoon and have some entertainment cruise by? The Strut will send someone your way.


East Atlanta Strut in Place Event

Saturday September 26, 2020 12:00 pm EDT
Arts Agenda, Community, Festivals
Celebrating East Atlanta’s art, culture and quirkiness in a safer way, with two ways to play: social...
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Tuesday September 16, 2008 05:21 pm EDT

This Saturday the East Atlanta Strut returns for its 11th year as a community organized, one-day festival that's all about supporting the neighborhood.

The Strut comes complete with all of the amenities of a neighborhood fest, including a bunch of people who feel compelled to embark on a 5K run.

There's also a lot of music this year from bands and artists, including Chickens & Pigs,...

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