NEW ATLANTA MUSIC: ‘Inside’ released by Cement Scabies

Kendall Keeling’s latest project with Laurie Segars Morrison

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Photo credit: KELLY LEWIS
CEMENT SCABIES: Keeling and Brumby from the video "Inside."

Kendall Keeling echoes what we all may consider when attracted to another person, ”What do you look like on the inside? See, I really need to know.”

Paired again with longtime musical co-hort Laurie Segars Morrison (they both played together in early Atlanta bands The Velvet Overkill 5 and Nancy Drew Blood), “Inside” delivers on the pop sensiblilities that pervaded both groups, but with a darkness not as easily discernible in those earlier efforts. ”Inside” has a rhythmic thrust which propels the listener on a haunting journey of wonder and enchantment. However, with Keeling’s penchant for horror films, the video takes the viewer further than most probably want to go.

Keeling reveals, “My character is consumed by what makes these beautiful girls unique, what makes them special.” Indeed, as we learn by the video’s end, the Polaroids of the “beautiful girls” we see early on are indicative of much more than momentos of friendship, they make up a list, of which the latest victim (portrayed by Madeline Brumby) is one of many. The turn of events certainly makes you reconsider any invitation to a cocktail party Keeling might extend.

Listen and watch “Inside” here.

The Music:
Kendall Keeling - Moog and vocals
Laurie Morrison - bass and vocals
Steve Beach - guitar
Billy Gewin - piano and other synths
Kevin Morrison - guitar
Kellii Scott - drums
Madeline Brumby - backing vocals

The Video:
Director: Kendall Keeling
Assistant Director: Keith Books
Directors of Photography: John Prew and Dylan Wintersteen
Producer: Robert Pralgo
Associate Producer: Bret Wood
Special FX: Shane Morton


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