NEWS BRIEF: Orkin and the CDC tackling pandemic-related rat infestations

Orkin looking at its own backyard

1200px Rat Agouti
Photo credit: wikipedia
Pest control leader Orkin says the rodent population is getting bigger and bolder while ranking Atlanta at number 15 among the top 50 “rattiest” cities in the country. The Atlanta-based company counted the number of new rodent treatments it performed from September 2020 to September 2021 at both residential and commercial locations nationwide. A press release from Orkin stated the pandemic has created a significant increase in the number of visible rodents “creating concern for homeowners and business owners alike.” Restaurant closures forced rodents to find new sources of sustenance and “without food waste to consume, these pests were seen scavenging new areas and exhibiting unusual or aggressive behavior.” In response to the surge, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a guide on how to keep rats and mice away from businesses and homes.