NEWS BRIEF: Cheshire Bridge Road closure a “fiasco” for businesses

Cheshire Bridge businesses hurting.

Cheshire Bridge Fire
Photo credit: Atlanta Fire Rescue
A gaping hole across northbound I-85 in 2017 caused by a sudden fire was fixed within months, yet business owners on Cheshire Bridge Road are left wondering why similarly swift action cannot be taken by the Department of Transportation to mend their crucial Atlanta artery. A fire and an ensuing gas explosion on Aug. 4 damaged the bridge that crosses Peachtree Creek, closing Cheshire Bridge Road between Woodland and Faulkner roads, and city officials say it could take a year or more before it can be reopened to traffic. Sachi Takahara, owner of Nakato Japanese Restaurant, called the response by authorities a “fiasco” and said businesses on the street are “doggy-paddling trying to stay afloat because of the road closure, and that’s on top of COVID.” reporternewspapers.net