NEWS BRIEF: Krispy Kreme will open temporary pop-up on Ponce

Donuts pop-up at Ponce Krispy Kreme

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Photo credit: CL File
The Krispy Kreme on Ponce De Leon Avenue is being demolished after two fires ripped through it in less than a year. The new building on the site won’t be ready until sometime next year. In the meantime, a temporary pop-up operation will open at the location in December, according to a company spokesperson. Additionally, Krispy Kreme representative Cassandra Williams confirms that the new, permanent doughnut shop will retain elements of the original construction design, including its iconic signage, and assures that the company vows to “keep the community informed as we embark on the path to (once again) turning on our legendary glazer and Hot Light at Ponce.” whatnowatlanta.com