NEWS BRIEF: Green space will be added to westside waterworks hill

View from the hill

Photo credit: Courtesy The Upper Westside Improvement District
A two-acre green space to be known as The Hill is being created at one of the highest points in Atlanta, near the corner of Howell Mill Road and 17th Street. The Upper Westside Improvement District and Friends of Waterworks have reached an agreement with the city’s watershed department to open up the spot to the public for the first time since the Olympic Games in 1996. "Upper Westside Improvement District has never given up on the effort to open the reservoir grounds," said UWID chief Elizabeth Hollister. "The residents and the businesses tell us they want more parks in the Howell Mill-Marietta area, and we have a huge, magnificent space which was once open to everyone and will be again." upperwestsideatl.org