NEWS BRIEF: Freedom of speech case against Gwinnett College goes forward

Christian proselytizing okay in Georgia

Georgia Gwinnett College
Photo credit: Courtesy Georgia Gwinnett College
A lawsuit filed by a student who was prevented from sharing his Christian faith on the campus of Georgia Gwinnett College is being allowed to proceed, after a federal district court in Atlanta ruled last week that administrators of a public institution must be held accountable for violating constitutionally protected freedoms. Attorneys representing Chike Uzuegbunam had previously won a ruling in his favor from the U.S. Supreme Court after the college claimed Uzuegbunam’s speech should receive no constitutional protection, thus avoiding any penalty for violating his rights. “For almost five years, Georgia Gwinnett College officials have been trying to dodge accountability for their illegal actions in violating Chike’s First Amendment rights, even after the Supreme Court rebuked them,” said lawyer Travis Barham. “The district court rightly put a stop to that.”