NEWS BRIEF: Nuclear power plant surcharges must stop, politicians say

Financial relief over profits urged

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Photo credit: Courtesy Nuclear Watch South
Georgia Power Profits Go Up After Customer Surcharge
Passage of a proposed bill submitted to state lawmakers would put an end to the Plant Vogtle monthly surcharge for an estimated 2.5 million Georgia Power customers. Sen. Nan Orrock and Rep. Becky Evans, who introduced the Ratepayer Surcharge Relief Act in both the Senate and House, say the monthly payments have been required for six years longer than originally stipulated. Known as Construction Work In Progress (CWIP), the practice began in 2011; almost $4 billion has since been paid by customers while Georgia Power has posted earnings of $12.8 billion, a jump of 20 percent over pre-Vogtle profits. “This repeal will benefit residential and small commercial customers, who pay the lion’s share of costs,” Evans said in a press release. “Large industrial and retail customers were mostly exempted from paying these costs. It’s time to provide relief to our hardworking Georgia families and small businesses.”