NEWS BRIEF: New rideshare service offers different twist

Biting at the tires of Uber and Lyft

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Photo credit: Courtesy RIDE Technologies
Rideshare company RIDE driver

A new rideshare company is conducting a test market in Atlanta that offers better value to drivers and passengers, according to a press release. Tech startup Ride Technologies charges drivers a minimal flat fee regardless of trip fare, allowing them to earn up to 80 percent more compensation per ride.

Customers benefit from a lack of surprise fees, a common complaint among users of Lyft and Uber. An additional feature on offer is Pink Rides that lets female passengers request female drivers. “I would feel much more comfortable putting my daughter in a car with a female driver,” says Ride driver Patricia Poole, who adds Pink Ride requests have increased significantly, especially among young passengers. Ride also provides “enhanced emergency safety features” and conducts extensive background checks on independent contractors.