NEWS BRIEF: Fred Savage fired from Atlanta TV production after alleged misconduct

‘Cooperating with the probe’

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Photo credit: The Wonder Years (ABC)
ABC's The Wonder Years Reboot, where Fred Savage served as executive producer and director

Actor Fred Savage has been dropped as executive producer and director of ABC’s “The Wonder Years” reboot following an investigation into misconduct on the Atlanta set, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Savage is reportedly facing three separate allegations and is said to be cooperating with the probe.

Savage, 45, first starred as a child actor in the original series of “The Wonder Years” in the late 1980s. In March 2018, Youngjoo Hwang, a costumer on Fox’s “The Grinder,” filed a lawsuit claiming Savage yelled at her and bit her arm on set and that he engendered a hostile environment for women, charges he denied. Fox stated at the time it found no evidence of wrongdoing.