NEWS BRIEF: Baby formula shortage causing hospitalizations, dangerous alternatives, scammers

Parents should heed warnings

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Photo credit: ajay_suresh, Wikimedia - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
Baby Formula Powder

The nationwide shortage of baby formula is causing infants to be hospitalized because parents are otherwise unable to find nutrition for them, according to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The hospital group says doctors have “admitted a few patients with complex medical needs who were using specialty formulas, now in limited supply. These children were admitted to find the best new available formula.”

CHA is warning parents that diluting formula to make it last longer is not a safe alternative. “Don’t make your own formula...it could make your baby sick...cause major health problems or even death,” a doctor posted on Facebook. Parents who run out should seek medical help, CHA advised.

Additionally, parents are being targeted by scammers claiming to have formula for sale, taking their money and then sending nothing, 11 Alive reported. 11alive.com