NEWS BRIEF: The Highlander shuts down due to “hardships”

Sad to see you go

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Photo credit: Google Maps
RIP to Atlanta dive bar The Highlander

Longtime Atlanta dive bar The Highlander abruptly closed its doors on Monday night after 30 years of shenanigans at Midtown Promenade. Citing “unforeseen circumstances and hardships,” owners Darby Yale and Darlene Copeland-Yale posted the announcement on social media around lunchtime amid unconfirmed reports the location could be turned into a Benchwarmers sports bar. “It’s been kickass and we’ve made so many memories to cherish together,” the Yales said on Instagram.

“Cheap beer, pool tables and fried food are the pillars of this dingy Midtown strip mall dive,” a Creative Loafing wag wrote years ago. “This is the perfect place to throw back a few after catching a flick on a Friday night.”
Eater’s Beth McKibben pitched in: “Not to be outdone by the cold beers and generously poured shots from the bar, the kitchen served classic bar food, including the Highlander’s most popular menu items, a pitcher of tater tots, jerk chili, and pastarella sticks, which earned it a spot on Guy Fieri’s TV show ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ in 2008.”