NEWS BRIEF: Jamaicans opening cultural center in Atlanta

Celebrating the history, culture, and people of Jamaica

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Photo credit: Public Domain
The search for a building to house the center is underway.

Plans have been announced to establish a Jamaican cultural center and museum in Atlanta. The goal is to compile a history that highlights the country’s genesis from the Tainos through to the Spanish and English invasions, to rebellions, slave uprisings, and the Maroons, said Jamaican government public policy administrator Dr. Apollone Reid.

Political party uprisings as well as workers’ unions, religions, and other facets of the heritage are also to be highlighted, as will prominent figures such as sculptor Basil Watson, politicians Colin Powell and Kamala Harris, reggae musicians Jimmy Cliff and Beres Hammond, poet Orlando Patterson and playwright Basil Dawkins.

The search for a building to house the center is underway with no opening date set. “This could enhance the tourism product of Atlanta and stimulate visitors to the museum with the desire to see authentic Jamaica,” said Reid. Details: