NEWS BRIEF: Atlanta businesswoman blazes trail with Ghana projects

Prompted by ‘continued racial unrest’

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Photo credit: Nzingha Samuel
Nzingha Samuel heading the “Ghanaian renaissance”

An Atlanta entrepreneur is creating a community for Black expatriates in the Republic of Ghana with the goal of helping them transition there from the United States. Nzingha Samuel has been at the forefront of what she calls a “Ghanaian renaissance” prompted by “continued racial unrest in America (causing) thousands of Black Americans to trace their roots and come home to Ghana,” according to Ebonywriter Jenn Barthole.

Samuel founded E+Z Enterprises, a Ghana-based real estate firm that doubles as a coordinator of programs and initiatives to support Ghana’s socio-economic development. “For many of us, Ghana also provides a cultural compass, leading us home, regardless of where we may have come from originally; we know at some point we all graced the African shores.” Details: ebony.com