NEWS BRIEF: Stacey Abrams has fundraising advantage over Brian Kemp, report says

Abrams war chest grows, battle far from over

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Abrams raked in almost $3 million more than Kemp

The Stacey Abrams gubernatorial campaign has raised about $9.8 million in just the last two months, and her One Georgia committee raked in another $12.3 million in May and June, campaign numbers show. Abrams and her team have $18.5 million cash on hand.

Her opponent, Gov. Brian Kemp, accumulated a little more than $7 million during the same two-month period. The figures do not include what independent groups are spending on behalf of both candidates, according to Capitol Beat.

Abrams cannot afford to be complacent, though. “To unseat an extreme incumbent who has championed a dangerous and unpopular far-right agenda, we know that we have to out-raise and out-work his built-in advantages of free media and doling out funds secured by federal Democrats that he opposed,” campaign chief Lauren Groh-Wargo wrote to supporters on Friday. “We have to continue this momentum so we reach millions of voters across the state.” Details: