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NEWS BRIEF: Georgia Tech breaks ground on Science Square

Institute hopes to provide a ‘rich, dense biomedical innovation ecosystem’

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Photo credit: Georgia Institute of Technology
Science Square for biomedical research and technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology has broken ground on its Atlanta campus for Science Square, a purpose-built district dedicated to biomedical research and technology, the college announced this week. Science Square “will attract brilliant innovators and researchers from across the world as Atlanta emerges as a leading hub for talent focused on uncovering groundbreaking medical solutions to save and improve lives,” the announcement stated.

“Historically, Atlanta hasn’t enjoyed the same success with startups in the life sciences as we have with other tech sectors,” said Ángel Cabrera, president of Georgia Tech. “Sometimes, great ideas and companies that start in this city end up elsewhere because Atlanta hasn’t been able to provide the rich, dense biomedical innovation ecosystem that biotech entrepreneurs need to attract talent and develop their ideas into marketable solutions. The purpose of this new development is to reverse that dynamic.” Details: news.gatech.edu

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