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BOGGS SOCIAL & SUPPLY: 1310 White Street. Searching for hot, local, and willing bands to play West End.

Recently, I had an enlightening conversation with an Atlanta musician that changed my persecutive on this column. I was at an afterparty for a show that same night, fora band I had written about positively in the past. Wanting to introduce myself, I asked a mutual friend to make the connection and proceeded to tell her how much I loved her band’s music and live performance. The band had shared my article on their social media, so I mentioned that I was the person who had written it and thanked them for their support.

Immediately, she gave me a big hug and thanked me for my kind words. She told me that at the practice after reading my article, everyone came in energized, eager to write new music.

Now, I don’t tell this story to pat myself on the back. It did feel great to know someone appreciated what I wrote, but it made me think of how I should be highlighting more local artists instead of larger touring acts.

Basically, I’m going to do just that. Starting this month, I’ve be on the lookout for local shows to write about. If you or someone you know has a show coming up that they’d like considered, please hit me up.I’m not promising I’ll cover every request, but I would love tips on what’s happening in Atlanta.

Fri., Mar. 10


A NIGHT OF MUSIC: True Blossom headlines at Boggs Social & Supply. Photo Credit: Megan Dowlen (@meghandowlenphoto)

True Blossom w/ Lobby Boy, Drook, and Nina Garbus, Boggs Social & Supply — True Blossom are Atlanta OGs at this point. They’ve been playing together since 2017, long before we knew what the Coronavirus was or how it would destroy much of the local culture we had come to know and love. Surviving a pandemic is quite a feat, and they’re making up for lost time with a string of ATL shows after a short tour last year.

True Blossom’s sound fluctuates between jovial and melancholiac with a through line of groove that gives you that face scrunch — you know the one. The mfs could be singing about a funeral and it’d sound funky as hell. Influences of synth pop, disco, and city pop — a current obsession of mine — give their songs a beach warm glow, yet there’s often a sense of approaching rain from haunting vocals of Sophie Cox.
$10-$15. Fri. Mar. 10, 8:00p.m., Boggs Social & Supply, 1310 White St. S.W. @boggssocial


Sat., Mar. 11


FLYER : Joshua Jarrett (@jj_rrtt).

Spring Fling! A Queer Mixer & Social!, Atlanta Contemporary — Queer Atlanta institutions Southern Fried Queer Pride and The Bakery join forces to wave goodbye to winter and regather for the spring. Some backstory. Southern Fried Queer Pride is an organization that has long built spaces for black and brown queer folks throughout the south. The Bakery is a collective and a venue that helps Atlanta artists to create their own DIY events. March 11’s event at Atlanta Contemporary will be hosted by TAYLOR ALXNDR, SFQP executive director and co-founder, who will also be DJing at the event alongside DJ Abby Bear. If you’re shy like me, don’t fret! There will be board games, crafting tables, yard games, and more to get people social.
FREE. Sat. Mar. 11, 6:00p.m., Atlanta Contemporary, 535 Means St. N.W. Atlanta, 30318 @sfqp


ECOSXTEMS FOR QUEER JOY: Another SXSTEM “second Saturday” rave is set. Photo Credit: Sebastián Méndez (@sebasmende)

SXSTEM, 1060 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy N.W. — Your typical venue isn’t capable of housing a SXSTEM party. Instead, they opt for Village Skatepark, Intrenchment Creek Park, or the Weelaunee Forrest — the location of the ongoing Cop City protests. (The venue for this coming event is listed as 1060 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy N.W., which is the address of The Village Skatepark ATL, but it could be a warehouse next to it for all I know.) The events have gotten so popular that SXSTEM have committed to monthly raves.

SXSTEM states their mission is “going above and beyond raves to curate a multi-dimensional experience each month with a new line up of artists and DJs.” Additionally, they are dedicated to creating a safe space for trans and queer people to celebrate and they frequently elevate DJs within the LGBTQ+ community. 
$15. Sat. Mar. 11, 10:00p.m., 1060 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy N.W. Atlanta, 30318 @sxstematl


Sun., Mar. 12


AT MASQUERADE: Don’t miss opener Envilittle, March 12, in Purgatory! Photo Credit: Envilittle

Envilittle (supporting Their/They’re/There and Sweet Pill), Purgatory at The Masquerade — Although they’ve only been playing shows together for a short time, Atlanta five-piece Envilittle have developed the stage presence of a far more seasoned band. From the two shows I’ve been to, I see and hear an amalgamation of the best of 90s women-led rock and alternative. From Alanis Morissette and Hole, to Bikini Kill and The Breeders, there’s quip, fun, angst, and emotion that all pop up at different points in their set. You might not get this same impression if you listen to most of Envilittle’s recorded music, as is more stripped-backed and mellow. The live dynamic may be influencing new songs however, as their latest track, “People With No Regrets” is shares the same energy as their performances. 
$15. Sun. Mar. 12, 7:00 p.m., Purgatory at The Masquerade, Kenny’s Alley at Underground Atlanta. Parking & Entrance at 75 MLK Jr Drive SW, Atlanta, 30303. Uber/LYFT Drop off/pick up: 92 Pryor Street SW, Atlanta, 30303. 404-577-8178. @masquerade_atl


Thu., Mar. 16


A BILL OF ATL ACTS: Canary Affair play a show with Hensleys and Floral Portrait. Photo Credit: Canary Affair

Canary Affair w/ Hensleys and Floral Portrait, Boggs Social & Supply — Atlanta/Athens groove pop band Canary Affair feels like a warm hug. Whether they are delivering Mac Demarco-esque slacker tunes or ‘60s psychedelic odysseys, there’s a continual feeling of comfort I get from their music. This isn’t a scary trip that ends with you thinking your existence is The Truman Show. It’s crying at the beauty of nature. Canary Affair’s shifting day trips feature saxophone solos, flute breakdowns, show tune horns, and cheery lounge piano. You may think you know what a song is going to be on minute one, but stick around and you’ll be surprised with what you find.
$10-$15. Thu. Mar. 16, 7:30p.m., Boggs Social & Supply, 1310 White St. S.W. Atlanta @boggssocial

Fri., Mar. 17



March Friday Jazz Night, High Museum of Art — Hands down, jazz nights are the best way to experience the High Museum. I love museums. But, my biggest complaint about them is that visiting a museum is too similar to going to the library. On jazz night, however, The High is alive. People are drinking and laughing and clapping. Everyone gets dressed up. The main corridor is buzzing from the energy produced by world-class musicians giving their all. And you’re free to walk through the exhibits as usual, but even that feels electrified. Somehow, Atlanta’s biggest arts institution gets even more creative.
$25. Fri. Mar. 17, 6:00 p.m. High Museum of Art, 1280 Peachtree St. N.E. Atlanta, @highmuseumofart


Sat., Apr. 1


THIRTY-PLUS YEARS LATER: Bikini Kill is still fighting the good fight. Photo Credit: Debi Del Grande

Bikini Kill, The Eastern — The original riot grrrls are back! I remember the first time I heard Bikini Kill. I was a freshman in college and bought their 1992 debut EP on a whim at a Hot Topic. Even 20 years after its release, the songs still sound fresh, full of the same revolutionary, youthful energy that has always existed in punk. These are women burning the trad-wife expectations put upon their gender for all of human history. “Suck My Left One,” a brash protest against sexual abuse, always stuck out to me because of its honest descriptions and unapologetic chorus. Even today, the song remains subversive. It’s fitting, yet frightening, that Bikini Kill are touring at a time when abortion access is more restricted now than when they formed over 30 years ago. We need feminist punk now more than ever.
$40-$68. Sat., Apr. 1, 8:30 p.m. The Eastern, 777 Memorial Dr. S.E. Atlanta @easternatl

Contact Matthew Warhol on Instagram or at with information if your ATL band is playing an upcoming local show. Info must be received at least four weeks out from date.