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THE BLOTTER: Hot for teacher

And other tales of life in the ATL

0323 Blot School Scandal

A sex scandal erupted at Banks County Elementary school. Apparently, the female principal and the PE coach liked to fornicate on the school campus, often with the coach’s wife watching and filming them having sex.

The investigation began with a bizarre twist: The female school principal accused her lover, the PE coach, of bugging her office – and recording details on Board of Education activities that he should not have accessed or seen.

Salacious details started piling up fast.

During a meeting with top school district officials, the PE coach said he’d been having an affair with the female principal – on and off campus – for several years. The coach shared photos of the two kissing. The PE coach “also shared a photo of a naked man and woman having sex. The faces were unclear, but he identified them as himself and [the female principal]. He later shared a picture of a nude [woman] in a room identified as the restroom adjacent to [the female principal’s] office at the school; and another of [the female principal allegedly] performing oral sex on a man in a car,” WSB-TV reported. The PE coach “also shared a video of a man and woman having sex….”

The female principal showed investigators a shirtless photo of the PE coach wearing a cape.

So how did this affair begin? Well, depends on whom you ask.

According to the female principal, it started with a text from the PE coach’s wife, who set up their sexual liaisons. The coach’s wife is also a third-grade teacher at Banks County Elementary School.

The school’s attendance clerk told investigators she also saw the salacious text message from the PE coach’s wife asking the female principal if she wanted to have sex with her husband.

The PE coach’s wife had a different story. She claimed the female principal “manipulated her into allowing her to have sex with her husband in exchange for helping them with their careers,” according to WSB-TV. The coach’s wife told investigators that she often watched and recorded her husband having sex with the female principal.

Heads did roll. The female principal, the PE coach and his third-grade teacher wife all resigned.

Exact opposite of “lie low”

Here’s what not to do if you ever find yourself a) on drugs b) totally nude C) currently on probation and D) facing active warrants for your arrest in two counties.

Do not steal an ambulance and go on a joyride,

Do not lead cops on a merry chase across town.

Yet, that’s exactly what a drug-fueled Georgia man allegedly did. No, this man cannot blame youthful indiscretion. Because he’s a middle-aged, 48-year-old man.

First, Naked Guy stole the ambulance and “drove aggressively” with the headlights off in downtown Macon, The New York Post reported. Then, Naked on Drugs Guy decided to do donuts in the hospital parking lot. An ambulance doing donuts in the hospital parking lot … surely someone would quickly notice, right?

Cops showed up — but the ambulance and its nude driver did not stay put.

The 48-year-old man drove away, leading officers on a short chase. Eventually, Naked Guy ditched the ambulance and tried to make a run for it “while completely nude and in full view of the public in the parking lot,” according to the warrant obtained by The Macon Telegraph. The warrant noted that Naked Guy appeared to be under the influence of cocaine or spice — wait, you don’t know what spice is?

Even weirder: Naked Guy was indicted last February on charges that he had failed to register as a sex offender on charges related to a 1997 sex crime in Florida.

Now, he’s facing a plenty of fresh Georgia charges due to his flamboyant ambulance joyride.

Cabbagetown smash

A Georgia State trooper was trying to stop a speeding car on I-20 West. The driver took off, turning north on Boulevard and then heading onto Carroll Street, the narrow, twisty main road in Cabbagetown. The speeding car hit several parked cars and businesses on Carroll Street, including the historic Little’s Food Store. The crash damaged Little’s front doors, which are the historic, original 1929 store doors; and damaged some bricks in a wall; and demolished a bench and CL box outside the store.

“I was pretty shook up, I’ll be honest with you, because this building is important to me and I think it’s important to Atlanta,” Little’s owner Brad Cunard told Fox5Atlanta.” I can’t believe this has happened again. This is the second one, the second high-speed type of accident in the last month.”

Wrong side of the tracks

Around 2 a.m., an Atlanta police officer was finishing up writing a ticket for a motorist near Greenbrier Mall in southwest Atlanta.

Seconds later, the cop looked up and realized – HEY! His police patrol car was being stolen! A guy hopped into the car and drove away (not the motorist that got ticketed; a different guy).

The officer yelled, “Yo! Back up! Get out of the car!” The cop’s words were totally ignored by the 29-year-old man speeding away in his patrol car.

The officer then grabbed his police radio and called for help, saying, “Someone just got into my patrol car.”

A high-speed chase ensued. Then, the 29-year-old lost control of the patrol car at the intersection of McDonough Boulevard and Hank Aaron Drive – and flipped the patrol car onto the nearby train tracks.

Cue the rumbling sound of a train approaching. The 29-year-old was stuck inside the flipped over patrol car that was partially blocking the train tracks– with a train just seconds away. “The train’s horn rang out as it desperately tried to alert the officers nearby that it was about to plow into the car,” 11Alive News reported.

Somehow, Atlanta police officers and Georgia State troopers managed to find a way to pull the 29-year-old suspect from the car — just seconds before the train rolled in and demolished the patrol car.

No officers were hurt; the suspect had only minor injuries from the car flipping. He’s now behind bars at Fulton County Jail, charged with theft by taking, fleeing, reckless driving, and damage to city property.

Justice invaders

The Athens-Clark County Courthouse had to shut down due to a massive infestation of bedbugs. The nasty bedbugs were found on three floors of the judicial building on Washington Street in downtown Athens.For at least five days, all jury trials and judicial activities were canceled — as exterminators targeted the bedbugs. The Athens Banner-Herald noted, “Officials have not determined how bed bugs entered the building, but they are known to travel by humans.” —CL—

The Blotter Diva compiles reports from the Atlanta Police Department and local news reports — and puts them into her own words.

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